Press-Photos Abtenau and Karkogel

You are welcome to use our pictures to advertise Abtenau. Please always write the copyright “© Tourism Abtenau –”!

All photos provided by the Tourism Abtenau are protected by copyright. Unauthorized reproduction or recordings of any kind violate the copyright and lead the responsible infringers to court.

Terms of use for press:

The images / photos are released exclusively for publication in the press as part of the tourist reporting of Abtenau for use. The copyright is to be quoted.

Use for the accommodation or other service providers of Abtenau:

The photos provided are the advertising of Abtenau. These photos can also be used by partners to this end. Excluded are commercial advertising projects outside the tourism industry and the application of other tourist regions or establishments which are not belonging to the place Abtenau. Under the copyright laws Tourism Abtenau must be named as a photo source at each publication.

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